We create amazing experiences online, in the classroom, and in your backyard designed to inspire and motivate children to learn and explore. We like to consider it "Edutainment" (Entertaining Education)! With motorsports as the backdrop, our curriclulum based programs reach out to 120 million+ students, educators, and parents opening their minds to the world of STEAM and your brand in a positive way. FASTTRACK provides your brand with a platform to "Do Well, through Doing Good."

As an online learning platform, FASTTRACK is mobile. Watch anywhere, anytime.

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Our Mission: Teach students to think critically and have an engineering or design approach towards real-world problems while building on their math and science base.

By 2018 it is estimated that there will be a need for 8 Million STEAM realted jobs.

Our educator approved STEAM curriculum meets Education Standards and handshakes with our FAST TRACK TV series and Mobile Science Lab.



Learn and explore online from any mobile device. Complete assignments, earn rewards and challenge other classmates and schools in your community, regionally, and nationally!


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Through a variety of innovative programs, FASTTRACK Mobile Science Experiences spark excitement in students and family alike.


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Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

STEM education refers to the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEAM education incorporates the "A" for the arts - recognizing that to be successful in technical fields, individuals must also be creative and use critical thinking skills which are best developed through exposure to the arts. FASTTRACK's STEAM initiatives are means to encourage, educate and prepare today's youth to pursue careers in in STEM-related fields.

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    Humans can likely survive exposure to the near vacuum of space for up to 90 seconds.

    Did you know that there are 206 bones in the adult human body and there are 300 in children (as they grow some of the bones fuse together).

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    Did you know that Email was already around before the World Wide Web came?

    At the end of year 2012, there were total approximately 17 billion devices (which includes computers, tablets and mobile) connected to the Internet.

    The Atari Portfolio (pictured above) was released in 1989 and was the world's first palmtop computer. Two years later it appeared in the film Terminator 2, where it was used by John Connor to hack an ATM and retrieve the key to the vault in the Cyberdyne lab

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    Bet you didn't know the snowboard was invented by an engineer!

    With some engineering twists and turns along the way, the snowboard has become a marvel of geometry, chemistry, and biomechanics. Since the snowboard allows deft turns, ski manufacturers have quickly adopted some of the snowboard innovations, enabling skiers to turn with less effort.

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    For Grant Wood's American Gothic, Wood wanted to use his mother, Hattie, as a model for his painting. Wood determined that standing for so long would be far too exhausting for his mother, so he had his sister wear his mother's apron and pin while posing. For the male subject in the painting, Wood used his 62-year-old dentist.

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    Mickey Mouse was qouted saying "Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes." We find that funny since Mickey only has 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand!

    The numerical digits we use today such as 1, 2 and 3 are based on the Hindu-Arabic numeral system developed over 1000 years ago.

    Different names for the number 0 include zero, nought, naught, nil, zilch and zip.

    2 and 5 are the only prime numbers that end with a 2 or a 5.

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    REV; FASTTRACK's Mascot

    REV; FASTTRACK's Mascot

    REV makes learning fun. Follow REV as he applies what he learns to create a faster, better performing race vehicle. What would you make?

"Join the Team STEAM Movement"

Team Steam Nation promotes team work, collaborative learning, and re-enforces the value in continuing education and setting goals. Whatever your focus - be the best you can be and give 100%.


TEAM STEAM Members participate in extra credit challenges and compete against other students, classrooms and schools regionally or nationally.


TEAM STEAM Members earn discounts, prizes, and more!

"Rewards Elevated"

Parents win. Kids win. Schools win.
Parents save money AND earn supplies, goodies and more for their child and child's school!
Random perks such as coupons, FREEBIES, contests and promotions are integrated into the APP - who could ask for more?


"Anywhere, Anytime."

FASTTRACK Television creates a connection between our brand partners with educators, students, and households and serves as the launching pad for innovative marketing, corporate social responsibility programs and national competitions. FASTTRACK is where ambassadors and advocates are born!

Select Your Audience

Select by target age/grade, region or national - start small or GO BIG. FASTTRACK is scaleable and brands can participate at various levels.

Activate - Get Results!

Tap into the JAM consortium and select "add-ons" to connect with your customers. GEO Social, Special events, Celebrities, Rewards/Cash back, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are at your fingertips.

Rising Stars of Motorsports
"Driving the Team STEAM Movement"

Story tellers within FASTTRACK TV, Rising Stars are endorsed by the first name in racing - ANDRETTI. Rising Stars connect with your audience. They are accesible, relatable and “COOL". Jeff Andretti's Rising Stars represent the next generation of motorsport superstars.

TEAM STEAM Members follow these athletes as they climb the ranks of motorsports, learning and being rewarded along the way!

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    Remington "Remi" Hudson

    Formula Car USA

    Remi is Driven to Drive. As a young adult, Remi stays focused and is constantly reading to expand his knowledge and to better prepare himself for his race career. Remi can be found in the gym or at a pick up basketball game (we don't tell him he's not very good though!).

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    Andrew Burly


    Andrew, still in high school, is currently taking college courses via a dual enrollment program and maintains a 4.0 Grade average. It seems Andrew excels at everything he does!

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    Haley Gibbs

    USF1 Powerboat

    Haley juggles her racing career with her education goals studying during the week in theater and acting and racing on the weekend. If anyone can do it, she can!

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    Justin Noble

    Formula Car Europe

    Justin is determined to make his mark in motorsports. Shooting for the top, Justin looks to climb the ranks to formula 1 where he will represent the USA and all those that support him.

Mobile Science Experiences:
Hands on Learning

Get ready for an experience to remember!

Our Mobile Science Lab events offer sensational experiences that make learning fun!

Events can be held virtually anywhere - parks, recreation facilities, schools, businesses and retail, making it convenient for young adults from around your neighborhood to join in the excitement.

School,Retail Locations and Beyond

We bring the show to you! Our mobile Science lab provides 45 minute sessions aligned with your curriculum.

Community Events

Get out... bring family and friends. Enjoy the day and learn a little.

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